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A place where I will reminisce on and document my fishing trips and talk about all things fishing.

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It’s undeniable that we all ultimately go fishing to catch fish, although I believe it is important that going fishing should be appreciated as a whole experience, valued and rated by more than just the fish you might catch.

 It has become apparent to me, especially over more recent years, that my love of fishing doesn’t just originate from the moment’s i've been lucky enough to hook into or land fish. For me, as it is for many other people, it is about the entire experience surrounding the fishing; from the stunning scenery you see whilst travelling to your fishing location, the unforgettable fun had and memories made with friends, quality and perhaps nostalgic time spent with family, the escape from reality which being immersed in nature provides you with, the inspiring like minded people you meet through a shared passion and new places and cultures you get to visit and experience.

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Fishing for me is more than just a hobby, it sounds cliché and a bit cheesy, but it’s definitely verging on a way of life. I’ve been fishing myself and around fishing for so long that it’s comfortingly normal to me, I cannot imagine my life without it. This feeling initially originates from my Mum fishing whilst she was pregnant with me to then being in a baby carrier on my Dad’s back whilst he fished and ghillied. After spending my first couple of years fly fishing primarily trout fishing, I was fortunate enough to catch my first Salmon at the age of 6. A 5 pound grilse caught on a stoats tail on the River Halladale, on the North coast of Scotland. This is an experience I cherish, especially as it’s my home river where I grew up, but from that day forward, my love for salmon fishing, and fly fishing in general was ignited.I lost my attachment with fishing during my teenage years, I was distracted by school, horses and probably the worry that fishing wasn’t ‘cool’ or something my friends would want to join me to do. Once I left school and began to reclaim my individuality again, I slowly started to rekindle the fishing spark and I’ve not looked back since. I’ve started this blog as I’ve always wanted a way, other than pictures, to document, share and remember my days on the water.

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Open Season '23

As I was loading my car up with a ridiculous amount of kit, which I knew deep down I wouldn't actually use half of, the excitement of a...

The Last Hurrah '22

2022 has been a very special season for me. I caught my first ever March 'springer', was lucky enough to fish 21 rivers across Scotland,...

Donald, where's your waders?

I have wanted to fish for Salmon on the Isle of Skye for a long time. I had heard that one of the best places to do this is on the River...

A Hebridean grand slam

It had been two years since my last fishing trip to the Outer Hebrides. When the ferry left Ullapool for Stornoway, I got a feeling of...

The secret trout spot

Sometimes some of the best days fishing you might have aren't too far away from home... The question every fishing mad individual wants...

Full Tilt

Fishing a river which you have never fished before is always exciting, especially when it's in spate. The river Tilt in Perthshire flows...

A surprise springer

In late March 2022, after fishing for almost 14 days since the salmon season began on most Scottish rivers in mid January, I finally...

Windy winter grayling

I had never fished for grayling before, knew absolutely nothing about fishing for them so had very little idea what to expect. I really...

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Where it all began....

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I would love to hear from you, let me know if you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions you’d like to share with me.

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